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Principals Desk

   "Children are from heaven"!
  They already have within them what they need to grow. Our role is only to support their process of growth". In this context, I take some basic and most important issues rather than talking about Big issues: If U want to build a good nation, create good human Beings, give them a healthy childhood, train them young, give them a positive attitude, use positive parenting and teaching. Teach them_ _ _ _ " I dream and I dare to do" Let the children explore, nevigate and adventure into the impossible zone because 'No try --No Win' stress on making good scholars, rather help them to be a total quality children. The child should have wisdom, Knowledge, modesty, courtesy, curisosity, spiritual perception, truthfulness, courage to experiment, thankfulness, confidence, imagination, creativity, purity of heart and he should be ready to serve entire human race through awakening the best self. Teach them " I can do it" We as educationists----- will have to train our kids as totaly quality children and make them world citizens------a world with love and peace. Yes it is possible beacuse " I dream and I dare to do it".

Sk. Maimur Sultan

Latest News
  • 04 Mar Admission open for new session 2021-22 for classes nursery to IX
  • 14 Sep Gyandanian Amit Kumar of std. 9th got Silver Medal in All India Roller Skating Foundation Cup.
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